Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017

#53 How I would introduce you in a novel.

There comes a moment in your life, which is changing everything. You might not realize it right then. But when you look back, you know.
I can still see him, standing there at this breakfast buffet, looking a bit sleepy and, somehow, vulnerable. I can still see myself, entering the room, suddenly stopping, recognizing. Connecting.
That moment was such a normal thing from the outside. But it also was the moment, when I really FELT him for the first time.
I always asked myself, why I felt that need to send him a message. But now I know, that this was the moment, when it totally struck me. It was the moment, I KNEW him. Somewhere deep inside I knew, that this was supposed to be something so beautiful, you can't find words to describe. And I was right.

That's how I would introduce you in a novel.

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